Setting the Element ID of inserted partials with javascript


Lets say I have a form with multiple task elements, for adding tasks
to a project, and a link_to_function which inserts a new task using
page.insert_html :partial

tasks holder
<%= link_to_function "Add Task" do |page| page.insert_html :bottom, :tasks, :partial => 'task', :object => end %>

I know when I do a render collection that each partial has a
partial_name_counter variable eg: task_counter, but when I create a
task using the javascript helper this variable no longer works because
it defaults to 1 (as it was when the partial was rendered into the
javascript query), is there anyway to get the same attribute using
javascript?, or at least set a unique id to each task which is created
using the javascript helper?

Thanks in advance.

If you want that ID in order to remove the newly added task, you can
use Prototype’s up function. Please take a look at
#74 Complex Forms Part 2 - RailsCasts.
Not sure if this is what you are trying to do.

Thats a good idea I’ll check it out,

What i am actually doing is using the spry framework to provide
validation on the textfield and unfortunately it has to be applied on
a per id basis, not on all elements of a certain class, so therefor i
need to be able to set a unique id to each task input field or
containing div (as spry can be applied to a div then auto assign to
first input)