Setting the default operator on a QueryParser


Hi all,

Thanks to the authors for the amazing work on Ferret! I have a question
about setting up the standard operators on a QueryParser. I would like
my parser to default to AND queries rather than the default OR.

In Java I would simply do:

QueryParser parser = new QueryParser(“contents”, new

But I can’t find the corresponding method in the Ferret API. Have I
missed it or is there a workaround?




On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 10:42:35PM +0200, roop wrote:

Afair the option is named :occur_default and takes one of
Ferret::Search::BooleanClause::Occur::MUST or
Ferret::Search::BooleanClause::Occur::SHOULD. You can use this option in
the Ferret::Index::Index constructor (which will internally create a
query parser) or directly when constructing the query parser yourself.


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Thanks. The difference between setting the AND/OR default operator
versus setting the MUST/SHOULD default occur appears to be redundant
then? In any case, thanks for the tip.