Setting the center frequency for FLEX2400s

Hey all,

So, our inband code transmits and receives just fine using the basic
TX/RX boards at 10MHz. We want to run it using the FLEX2400
daughtercards at 2.4GHz.

Using and the oscope, we can generate a sine at 2.4GHz
and watch it.

I believe the center frequency is hardcoded right now in the USRP
interface m-block:

That’s where we set the center frequency of channel 0 to 10MHz.

When I switch this to 24e8, set_tx_freq returns an error while using a
2.4GHz daughtercard. It does not return an error setting the center
freq to 10MHz while using the 2.4GHz daughtercards… so I’m confused.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • George