Setting rails 3 with WEBrick Server as a Service in a WinSrv 2003

Looking for a solution to set my new app (a clone from spree) as a
service to demo purpouses, in our WebServer I’ve found several options
to setup the service and configure the Win registry with options that
didn’t work because the parameters to rails 3 are different that those
in rails 2.

What I’d found:

Download and install the Windows NT Resource Kit from

Create the service running:

path\INSTSRV.EXE your_service_name path\SRVANY.EXE

in my case path is:

"C:\Program Files\Windows NT Resource Kit\INSTSRV.EXE"

redmine_webrick “C:\Program Files\Windows NT Resource Kit\SRVANY.EXE”

could be also C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\.

Run regedit (Start -> Run -> regedit)

    Add the following registry key if it's not already there:



    Right click on this registry key and select New -> Key. Name

it Parameters.

    Add two values to the Parameters key. Right click on the

parameters key, New → String Value. Name it Application. Now create
another one named AppParameters. Give them the following values:
Application: PathToRuby.exe, eg. C:\ruby\bin\Ruby.exe
AppParameters: C:\RUBYAPP\script\server -e production,
where RUBYAPP is the directory that contains the redmine website.

    Example: C:\redmine\script\server -p 2000 -e production (-p

indicates the port webrick will be listening to, and -e the
environment used)

Now you can go to Administrative Tools → Services. There you can
start your service (the one with name your_service_name) and test
whether or not it is working properly. It should be noted that the
service will be marked as started prior to WEBrick finishing its boot
procedure. You should give it 1min or so before trying to hit the
service to verify that it is working correctly.


It failed to start the service and show the page in my localhost
browser, the solution was:

set 3 parameters instead of 2 as was suggested in the original article
Application=c:\ruby192\bin\ruby2.exe (in my case - the location of
ruby exec)
AppDirectory = d:\apps\spree_demo (in my case, the location of the
rails app)
AppParameters = c:\ruby192\bin\rails s -p 3000