Set Value of text_field after onchange


I have a text field which is :

<%= text_field( “select”, “name” ,{:onchange =>
“this.form.submit();”} ) %>

I want to search database using value entered by user, and when search
results are displayed, I want to have text field retailn the value
which was entered to have search results.

I did something like this,

<% eventname = params[:select_name]%>
<%if eventname!=nil%>
<% = eventname %>
<% end %>

Still, it does not contain that value which user entered.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks very much,

On Sep 10, 6:34 pm, Pat [email protected] wrote:

Take a look at development.log (or if you’ve just done ruby script/
server, the output will be in that window too). The log shows you the
params hash for each request. You should be able to work it out from