Set value of one text field from another

I have 2 FXTextFields with data targets for the string values in each. I
would like to set the value of the second field to the value of the
first 10 characters in the first field if it is empty. Can anyone
suggest a way I might achieve this. I would also like to limit the
second field to a max of 10 characters and ensure that they are all in
uppercase. Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

In case it helps, here is a snippet of the code I currently have:

@desc ="")
@sname =""), “&Description”, nil,
txtDesc =, 50, @desc, FXDataTarget::ID_VALUE), “&Short Name”, nil,
txtSname =, 10, @sname, FXDataTarget::ID_VALUE)

Very interested too, not only two FXTextFields objects, for more.

Thanks for sharing with such great information actually I am little bit
week in programming language that’s why difficult for me to completely
understand your forum but your overall forum is nice.