Set_mux() not available in gnuradio version 3.7

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“bool set_mux( int mux );”

This command is supported by GNU Radio 3.4.2 C++ API
but not GNU Radio 3.7.

In this case, how to control the MUX using GNU Radio 3.7 C++ API ?


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That’s part of the “classic” interface to USRP devices, which has been
deprecated for something like three years now.

Whatever application you’re using, you should update to the UHD API.

Yes, I mean, what is teh equivalent command in UHD API …?
How to control the MUX in the UHD API ?
UHD’s API is available in C++. There are plenty examples in
uhf/host/examples and uhd/host/utils


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Does UHD API only available in Python, not C++ ?