Sessions in RailsSpace

Hi Everyone,

I am now at the stage of logging a user in and monitoring the

I have a new table, called sessions.

Now there are a couple of areas that get amended before I see the

1 – in user_controller – in the register action, ther is now a session

Session[:user] = @user_id

2 – in Config/environments, there is a line un-commented out to do
with the Active record

3 – a session param is added to view the session output upon clicking

My problem is, that each time I click register I get an error talking
about the invalid authenticity token on register for the user

Can anyone help?

Session information can sometimes be saved in your browser longer than
you’ld like if you are developing. You might try dropping any cookies
associated with “localhost”, assuming you are pointing your browser at
localhost:3000 to hit your server.

On Sep 7, 8:20 am, RubyonRails_newbie [email protected]

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