Session[:user_id] problem


Please help! I ran into a problem that session[:user_id] seems lost.
The session[:user_id] is set during user’s login. Other pages have
“before_filter :login_required”. The method “login_required” is
defined in ApplicationController to check if session[:user_id] exists.
However, after user logs in successfully (I can see the printed
user_id), and when bringing other pages which call login_required, the
session[:user_id] becomes empty.

I am using rails 1.2.2 and gem version is also 1.2.2.
active_record_store is used for session storage.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

Thanks a lot!


Are you sure the value is empty and that it’s just not a display issue
the other pages?
And is the session still in your db?

If those are good can you post some code so we can get a better idea
going on?

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Thanks Bryan for your help. Yes, I am sure the value is empty, not
display issue. The session is still in db (sessions table). Here is
part of code:

class IndexController < ApplicationController

def process_student_login
if user = User.sauthenticate(params[:user])

    session[:uid] ="session uid = #{session[:uid]}")     # it prints

out uid successfully


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
before_filter :set_user

def set_user“in set_user: session uid = #{session[:uid]}”)

it prints out nil

@user = User.find(session[:uid]) if @user.nil? && session[:uid]


def login_required“in login_required: session uid =
#{session[:uid]}”) # it prints out nil

return true if @user
return false


class Myaccount::IndexController < ApplicationController
before_filter :login_required # always fails and returns false