Session sharing between domains

I collect some stuff in my application session. I then need to
redirect to another domain(not subdomain) run by the same ruby
application instance (as it needs to be an SSL certificate domain). I
can rebuild my application session bit by bit but it would be DRYer if
I pass the session_id into the SSL domain as a param on the redirect
and then “switch the session” to the new domain by invoking a
before_filter on the SSL protected actions to pull the correct
session. Set the new cookie and so forth

Anyone any ideas on how to do this or is there already a plugin to do



On Jan 13, 5:58Â am, icke [email protected] wrote:

You could use single_access_token (API Key) with Authlogic.

Also, if you can get you users to use Chrome or Firefox or Safari you
can use XHR2 / CORS and set withCredentials = 2 and pass the cookie to
the non-origin domain (this also requires setting some headers and
enabling support for OPTIONS).

If that’s what you think you’re looking for and you’d like me to
detail it a little better I will.

AJ ONeal

withCredentials = true

AJ ONeal