Session question

Hy all!

I’m working on a webshop and i create a session called cart for the
Cart. (
session[:cart] )
The session stores the quantities of the products in cart.

Please help me how can i delete az item from the session? (remove from

Paudics Pter
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That entirely depends on what you put into the session.
If you store a number:
session[:cart] = 123
you can just set it to nil:
session[:cart] = nil
(or 0 or something…)

If you store some array:
session[:cart] ||= []
session[:cart] << 1
session[:cart] << 2
just delete from it:
session[:cart] #=> [2]

After each request the data in the session object will be marshaled and
stored, then loaded upon the next request.

Hope that helps.