Session not maintained - Please help


I’ve recently developed a website with ruby on rails, I’ve uploaded the
website to my Servage account, after many hours i managed to get it to
run on that host. The problem i now have is that Rails sessions are not
maintained from page to page, the cookie is, as I’ve set it to expire
only way into the future. I’ve tried various folder permission setting
for the session folder as i thought the problem may lay there, none
worked. Maybe i missed the correct one or it has nothing to do with that
dirs permission setting, any help will be much appreciated.

Try it again, this issue seems to have been fixed.

I dont think its anything you are doing. I’m having similar trouble
with php sessions at Servage
because the clocks differ from machine to machine on their cluster.

Create a page that shows the current time and refresh it a few times,
you should see it
occasionally come back with a time 1hr 42 minutes slow. I’m currently
trying to explain this to
Servage support