I have the following problem with marshalling/saving a model to session.
I have 4 models: User, Profile, Customer, Membership. Membership belongs
to the other three models, and User, Profile and Customer all have a
has_one :through => :memberhsip association to each other. Now I have a
registration process over several steps, including the creation of all 4
models. Partially the validation of the models is dependent on the other
models. So i need to have them linked to each other from the beginning
of the registration process. Also I need them to be saved to session.

Now the problem is, if I do this:

@membership =
@profile = @membership.build_profile
@customer = @membership.build_customer
@customer.profile = @profile # <= that’s the problem

And then try to save @customer in the session:

session[:customer] = @customer

There is a 500 internal server error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `marshal_dump’ for #Class:0x2162504)

And that is only if I establish the link between two has_one :through
associations. For example between @profile and @customer, or @customer
and @user.

Do you habe any idea, how i could solve this problem? I greatly
apreciate any help.