Session In the model


i have the model SDTicket which has a field modified_by_id and it has
to take data from session[:id] Now this SDTicket model has many
associated models like Activity one of them So when ever an activity
happens then also the value in session[:id] is to be go to
modified_by_id field

SDTicket has_many activities
Activity belongs to SDTicket

 So for that what I am trying is in Activity model wrote in

after_save like below
after_save :update_sd_ticket
def update_sd_ticket
#Here I dont know how to get that session[:id] and fill that to

   I also tried like to get session from a module by including it in

activity model But that too not working.Could you please help to solve
Thanks in advance


Sijo Kg wrote:

 So for that what I am trying is in Activity model wrote in

The session hash is only available in the controller and view.

You’ll have to add a line to your controller method before your
call to save

activity.modified_by_id = session[:id]

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This blog post outlines a common way to get the current logged in user
in your models…


Thanks for the link