Server Administrator Part-time/Consultant

Hi -

We are getting ready to deploy our application this fall and are
looking at a couple options in regards to hosting. We are deciding
whether to use a slice hosting service or host our selves via co-

Slice hosting seems like a good option due to the bundled service
(system, hardware, management, etc…). However, we’re a bit
concerned about sharing our resources with others.

We are currently using an in-house linux/apache/mongrel/mysql stack to
dev and run our app and are becoming pretty handy with administrating
this system - but we are not experts.

I am wondering, is there anyone out there that would be interested in
managing our co-location equipment on a part-time/standby basis?

What we are looking for:

  1. Proficiency with running and maintaining linux servers and rails/
    mongrel/mysql clusters.

  2. Ability to recommend hardware and upgrades

  3. Familiarity with our application and ensuring its running properly
    on the sytem.

  4. Ability to handle emergency issues should something go wrong.

  5. Work with devs to resolve/support issues and requests.

The equipment would be based in the U.S. not sure where yet.

Again, I’m just weighing out possible options - not sure what everyone
else is doing.

Thanks in advance.


We ( offer fully managed dedicated servers. Our
servers are in Ohio, just do a traceroute to to check

Hosting with us will ensure you will have a team of Linux and Rails
experts available 24/7 to assist you. We are also available for hire
if you need us working with your devs to resolve application issues
and requests.


Maykel Rodriguez

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