Serif version 0.4 released

I’m pleased to announce version 0.4 of Serif. The biggest change in
this release is that there is now support for bookmarks in the admin
interface: the page you’re on is converted into a stub draft. Any
selected text is converted into markdown as a blockquote.

(The conversion to markdown is buggy, but I’ve opened issues with the
library I’m using to fix them.)


Serif is a blogging system powered by markdown files and an optional
admin interface complete with drag-and-drop image uploading.

Project homepage: GitHub - aprescott/serif: Serif is a static site generator and blogging system powered by markdown files.
Issues: Issues · aprescott/serif · GitHub
Rubygems page: serif | | your community gem host
Group/mailing list: Redirecting to Google Groups

For more information, see the README:

Changes in version 0.4

  • The admin interface now supports bookmarks for quickly creating
    drafts. Selected text on the page will be turned into Markdown. (#50)
  • Posts with a header of update: now will have their Updated
    timestamps updated automatically on the next generate. (#49)
  • The ‘markdown’ filter now properly turns single quotes in Markdown
    into curly quotes. (#40)
  • Add archive_page template flag set to true when processing archive
    pages. (#41)
  • Make the month archive variable available to layouts as well as
    the archive template. (#41)
  • Slop warnings on any serif command have been removed.
  • List of posts for all archive data are correctly in reverse
    chronological order. (#48)