Serif version 0.3 released

Serif is a file-based blogging engine with an optional admin interface
that aims to provide simplicity and flexibility.

Project homepage: GitHub - aprescott/serif: Serif is a static site generator and blogging system powered by markdown files.
Issues: Issues · aprescott/serif · GitHub
Rubygems page: serif | | your community gem host

For more information, see the README:

Changes in 0.3

  • Add some caching to improve performance of post generation. (#29)
  • Remove super-linear performance cost of file_digest, reducing site
    generation time by > 85% for 50+ posts. (#30 – charts available in
    the issue)
  • Make site available to both preview templates and archive
    templates. (c3e2f28)
  • Intelligently add blank lines before the markdown image text strings.
  • Add a smarty filter to do smarty processing without full Markdown.
  • Fix broken URL renames for drafts in the admin interface. (#31)