:serialize "rot" after some time?

Hi all,

I have some very weird problems going on with some Ruby on Rails
(2.0.2)-driven sites on my server (which is RHEL 4.5, running Apache
2.2, Mongrel cluster)

Basically, everything works perfect after my mongrel clusters just
launched, but as time passes (and it could be several hours or several
days in some cases), serialized values of my apps start failing to
return correct values (returning nils) during deserializing, and start
failing to serialize values correctly.

Again, everything works just absolutely perfectly fine for some time, so
this is not a problem with my code being wrong or something…

It is all fixed by restarting Mongrel instances, but I wonder if anybody
knows what’s up with this problem? I tried different versions of ruby
(currently running 1.8.6p287), and don’t want to upgrade to 1.8.7 yet
(have too many systems, some running on Rails 1.2…)

Would be really greatful for any input on this issue, as I don’t even
know where to start the goddamn debugging…