Sequence of page.visual_effect and page.replace_html



I’ve got will_paginate working with AJAX (using un-obstructive
javascript, i.e. good for SEO). All good.

When the user clicks “Next >>”, I want the next page of results to
fade in. But the problem seems to be (in the code below) that both
page.replace_html and page.visual_effect get called at the same time.
So the new div starts to fade in, then gets drawn completely (once the
AJAX call has returned) … then drops back to whichever fade level it
was up to, then keeps going.

page.replace_html “classical”, :partial => ‘view_summary’, :locals =>
{ :my_files => @my_files}
page.visual_effect :Opacity, “classical”, :from => 0.0, :to => 1.0,
:duration => 3

Is there a way that I can hold off running page.visual_effect until
page.replace_html has completed?

(BTW, havn’t had much luck with page.delay)



Have you tried hiding the div right after you page.replace_html, then
using page.visual_effect :Appear?

Here’s an example of how I update my comment list with the same effect.

page.replace_html ‘comments’, :partial => ‘blog/comment’, :collection =>
page.hide ‘comment_’ +
page.visual_effect :Appear, ‘comment_’ +


Hi Aaron,

yeah, for some reason Appear seems to work much better than the Opacity

The only issue I have now is that the whole page jumps around when I
hide the Div … I have to find some way of keeping its size when
hiding … urgh… css.