Sequence 0.2.3 Released

Sequence version 0.2.3 has been released!

Sequence provides a unified api for access to sequential data types,
Strings, Arrays, Files, IOs, and Enumerations. Each sequence
some data and a current position within it. Some operations apply to
at (or relative to) the position, others are independant of position.
api contains operations for moving the position, reading and writing
(with or without moving the position) forward or backward from the
position or anywhere, scanning for patterns (like StringScanner, but it
works in Files too, among others), and saving a position that will
valid even after data is deleted or inserted elsewhere within the

There are also some utility classes for making sequences reversed or
circular, turning one-way sequences into two-way, buffering, and making
sequences that are subsets or aggregations of existing sequences.

== Installation:
Type this command to install the gem:
gem install sequence
Or, download the tarball from rubyforge:

== Changes:

0.2.3 / 21dec2009

  • 3 Minor Bugfixes:
    • use Array#join instead of Array#to_s for 1.9 compatibility
    • set thread’s last_match in #index and #rindex
    • set last_match to nil on #match or #matchback failure
  • 1 Minor Enhancements:
    • reworked build scripts slightly