Senior Rails Telecommute opening....Great Opportunity $100-$150K

Hi, I’m a recruiter with The Conrad Group. I currently have the
following Senior Ruby on Rails opening with a client company that is
an organization of developers and engineers who are excited about the
ever-changing world of software and technology. Their passion is
building the next generation of consumer and business applications.
They don’t utilize the "factory"approach to software development,
believing that coding is a creative process akin to an artistic
endeavor. Also, believe strongly in the benefits and sustainability of
open source software and the philosophy behind it. If you are
interested, please provide a copy of your resume, and let’s discuss
over the phone. They are not expecting a “perfect” fit, but rather,
someone who has a passion for technology and has accomplished
outstanding results in the career. If you are interested, please
provide a copy of your resume and let’s discuss over the phone.

410 444 3720
[email protected]

Work from anywhere

This is a virtual organization. You can log in from your home, a
nearby office, one of their
global office locations, or wherever you have an internet connection

This outstanding firm is seeking an adept web developer with a strong
background in Ruby On Rails to work
with their team in creating mission critical web applications for both
internal and public usage.
Strong experience developing in the Ruby On Rails framework with
examples of prior work.
Strong understanding of MySQL 4.1 and beyond
Background in developing for GNU/Linux or Unix-like platforms for
mission-critical production deployments
Operational code published and still in production
Strong analytical and logical thinking capability
Must have excellent layout and design abilities

It’s a plus to have: Object oriented programming experience in PHP
with operational examples of prior work
Experience with MySQL 5.x, MySQL replication, MySQL Cluster
High-availability and scalable network service deployment
Expertise with MVC, HTML, CSS2, Javascript, AJAX, Templating, caching,
sessions, and authentication
GNU/Linux optimization, security and network administration
Secure coding practices
Experience with running Apache or other unix-based
web servers in a production environment