Sending email using net/smtp

Dear Ruby list

I have been trying to write an auto-mailing program. And I’ve
succeeded! Almost… :frowning:

I want to send to multiple email addresses in the to field, but it
seems no matter how I write it doesn’t work. Places I have read say
that you can have multiple to addresses by putting in a comma and a
newline and giving the next entry a single space at the beginning. It
still doesn’t seem to work :frowning: I have the following code to compose
the email:

email =
%q{From: [email protected]
To: [email protected],
[email protected]
Subject: This is a test email

This is the body of the email message

If I run the program to send this email with a single address for To:
it works flawlessly. However, no matter how I try to give it more
than one email address it either fails with an error, or if it is
successful in sending the email never arrives. Which obviously means
my formatting is wrong. Help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.



Well that just goes to show. I spent two days knocking my head
against a wall with this. The solution - RTFM!! Doh! All I had to do
was put the addresses in an array. D’oh.