Sending Email from localhost and Dreamhost


I am currently developing on my local machine. I also have an account
with Dreamhost.

However, I trying to send an email from my localhost, using my dreamhost
smtp account. I followed
tutorial, but it’s not working.

Here are my files:


ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :sendmail
ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
:address => “”,
:port => 25,
:domain => “”, # i have also tried
:authentication => :login,
:user_name => “username”,
:password => “password”
ActionMailer::Base.perform_deliveries = true
ActionMailer::Base.raise_delivery_errors = true


def index

Can anyone help me out? Does it not work form localhost?

I had some trouble with this as well, but this came in handy:

This is what mine looks like, but it is specific for sending emails
from a subdomain:

Include your application configuration below

ActionMailer::Base.server_settings = {
:address => “”,
:port => 25,
:domain => ‘’,
:user_name => “m1234567”,
:password => “password”,
:authentication => :login

On 6/7/07, Noob [email protected] wrote:

:user_name => “username”,

Can anyone help me out? Does it not work form localhost?

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