Sending Email feature - wrt Rails

Hi All,
I am new to Rails & I had the rails 3 setup on my windows
box for running a small application which used to send emails on
completion of certain tasks.
Snippet of code for sending mails, worked using the below method.

outlook =‘Outlook.Application’)
message = outlook.CreateItem(0)
message.Subject = t2_subject
message.HTMLBody = t2_body

Now I moved to Ubuntu for setting up ROR 3, and i cannot use the above
method to send mails from my linux box.

I know mostly people use ActionMailer for sending mails in ROR.
I had the following requirements, and anyone of you can shed some light
on these:
(i) I wanted to setup a send email method for ROR on linux box, without
having me setup SMTP server, or using my personal ID to send mails from
(ii) If it can take a dummy ‘FROM’ email ID to deliver emails to all
recipients, that works for me.