Send_file problem

I’m using Rails 1.1.6 and have a weird problem with send_file both with
Webrick and Mongrel_rails.

Even though the documentation explicitely tells that the file is
streamed to the client, webrick or mongrel process sizes are growing to
~300MB when I use send_file with a ~256MB file.
Adding :stream => true (I tried even though it is the default) doesn’t
change anything.

Is send_file known to be broken ?


On 10/12/06, Lionel B. [email protected] wrote:

Is send_file known to be broken ?
Mongrel buffers the Rails response before sending it, so streaming is
useless. Use the X-Sendfile header if your Mongrel is fronted by Apache2


X-Sendfile doesn’t work with lighttpd-1.4.13’s mod_proxy (nor does the
X-LIGHTTPD-send-file header). I only managed to make it work with
mod_fastcgi → no X-Sendfile with mongrel and lighttpd.

BTW, I’m really pissed off by google’s handling of the list. As my
message didn’t come back to me, I checked on and there
was my message with an answer although more than 30 hours later my
mailbox is still waiting. I’ve seen other reports of such behaviour
before, it seems some members are out of luck for unknown reasons (if
someone knows, please enlighten me).