Send_file and streaming


I ve got a very simple question,
I want to stream via quictime a file wich is not in the public folder…
so my JS template for the streaming is :

So in order to make it works i need to change the “PATH OF THE VIDEO” by
the path of it… the only way i see is using something like
send_file… but howto do that…?. i guess if i do a send_file the file
will be sent to the user but it s not going to be stream via my JS
template and quicktime…

(and it s not possible to use a send_file directly in a view, i ve got

Thx for any idea


I had this problem too, but the only way i found, was to let the video
in the public folder (inside subfolder…), and you just need to
implement an ht.access on the folder, so nobody will be able to access
your video by entering Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting etc…
By the way send_file is not quiet good, google “x-sendfile”…