Send_data always sends xml file?

I’m trying to use send_data to send a simple text file.

Every reference I can find says I can supply a MIME type with the
“:type” option and that will determine the kind of file I get on the
machine that downloads the file I’m sending. Instead I ALWAYS get an
XML file.

here’s the code snippet:, ‘r’) do |f|
send_data, :type => “text/plain; charset=utf-8”, :filename
=> “foo.txt”

No matter what I use for “:type” (including leaving it out), I still get
a file on the other end that the Mac thinks is an xml file. The file
extension on the filename parameter also does not budge it off of making
it an xml file.

Any suggestions?

“Mac thinks it’s an xml file.” → Does the file end up with an .xml
extension in your Downloads dir? and/or when you try to open it some
program registered to .xml extension opens it or what?

Which browser and what do you see in the Response headers? All browsers
the same thing?

Chris |