Semagol v0.6.0 released

Semagol 0.6.0 has been released.

Smeagol is a customizable read-only Gollum wiki server. Smeagol makes it
possible to maintain a standalone website, but update it through the
Gollum wiki interface, e.g. via GitHub.

Version 0.6 is a major refactoring of the code base. While most previous
functionality remains, new features have been added and certain
configuration settings have been adjusted. One of the more note-worthy
changes is that the static generation feature has been spun-off to a new
gem called Shelob. Another important change is the use of an initial
underscore to denote special files. Users of the previous version should
consult the updated documentation and adjust their sites accordingly.

This release is dedicated to Ben J., the original author of
Smeagol. Thanks for all your hard work and putting the project in the
care of the Rubyworks Foundation.


  • Use _layouts directory to store templates.
  • Use _settings.yml instead of settings.yml.
  • Spin-off static builds to Shelob project.
  • Add init command for setting up wiki for Smeagol.