Self contained gems (built with msys2)

I downloaded Ruby Installer (Windows 10, the zip package, 2.6.0-1) and linked it to my msys2 installation, and successfully installed the ‘tk’ gem.

I want to be able to zip my Ruby folder and move it and still be able to use ‘tk’ and any other gems that require files in the msys2 folder…

I looked at ‘gem install --help’ and tried the ‘–development’ -and ‘-g’ flags but if I change the msys2 folder name (or delete it) it still fails to open any Ruby files that require ‘tk’.

I realize I can install Ruby with msys2 inside the Ruby folder but I want to be able to distribute my tk application in relatively small file and the msys2 folder is huge.

How can I install tk and have any dependencies (.dll files I’m guessing) self contained inside my Ruby folder?

Thanks for anyone’s time I really do appreciate it.