Self adjusting windows in shoes

Is there a way with shoes to have a windows that will “grow” according
the information drop on it so the user does not have to scroll?

The stmt: :width => 900, :height => 720
creates a fix size windows. I would like to have the windows expand as
information is dropped on it.

Thank you

Hi Ruby Sudent,

Sorry, there is no way in Shoes for now.
An alternative is “open a new window and close the current window”. Try
the following snippet.
But not so cool… width: 300, height: 75 do
3.times{para ‘hello’}
timer 3 do width: 300, height: 150 do
6.times{para ‘hello’}


I find FXRuby a better option in this particular case, you can consult
many things about the widget, judge how many rows were wrote and by
knowing that resize the widget until you have only one row, or you can
do many many things. Take a look at the FXText widget in here:

File: README — Documentation for fxruby (1.6.46)

Kind regards. Damián.


Thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it.
As you can see, I am trying to learn Ruby and Shoes. I actually find
very handy and neat. I tried other GUI tools for Ruby and they were very

Hey, I am curious about something if you don’t mind me asking. That guy
developed Shoes and whom called himself _Why, is he alive? I heard he
disappeared and I hope it means he just does not want to be bothered.

Thank you for your help


You are likely correct. However, the issue with me is being patient. It
appears to me that the learning slope for FXRuby is much more tough to
climb than the one for Shoes. I struggle with Ruby as I learn it and
struggling learning a tool which will be used with Ruby I find it a bit
much. I’m so busy on my current job and I want to learn Ruby to see if I
can simplify the things I do daily. The GUI part is to add a bit of
and easy of use to what I do daily. I tell you man, I tried: FXRuby,
Monkeybars, Ruby/GTK, JRuby with Netbeans, Visual Ruby, WxRuby and
six or 8 more. I was actually looking for something easy with drag and
like visual basic. So I think I will give Shoes a try. It also looks
the Shoes community, although small are very helpful. I just hope that
will be patient with me as I will be asking probably many questions. It
looks like Shoes lack many features common on other more mature
But I think that Shoes will eventually get there. I am not a
programmer anyway, as I am learning. So I probably do not have the need
a sophisticated product.

Nevertheless, thank you for your recommendation. If you know of an
(like drag and drop) GUI platform for Ruby, please let me know. I am
ready and willing to try new things.

Again, thank you

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:54 AM, Damin M. Gonzlez