Selenium test logs


Morning/Evening/Afternoon - depending on where you are in the world!

Ten days ago I decided to start using Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Selenium
RC. My motivation is to secure a position at a company and they needed
me to know this so I could write Ruby test scripts and run them from
Selenium RC.

I’ve managed to do this but just cannot find a way to generate logs of
results of the tests in a friendly format. The only feedback I get from
Selenium RC is in the command window which generates just basic

I have looked into Rspec reporting and even downloaded a tutorial from:

but it didn’t really help me understand how to generate reports using
what I have. To summarise I have done the following:

  1. Written a test script in Selenium IDE
  2. Exported the test to Ruby
  3. Tweaked the Ruby file where necessary to generate the test steps I
  4. Insatalled Selenium RC, run the Sel RC server, then run my Ruby file
    from the CMD window
  5. Succesfully run the test, watched test runner go through the motions
    as well as the FF browser go through the test
  6. Achieved a log in the CMD window

But I just don’t understand how to get a decent log report.

Can anyone help? I have spent days trying to cobble together various
bits from the net!!

Thanks in advance for any help that gets me the result I am after!