"Selecting" a calculated row / Using :select in the paginate


I was trying to use the :select parameter to select a calculated row,
but it appears that the parameter is not picked up by the paginate

I want to add the following to the select statement:

timediff(now(), created_on) as age

So I tried:

@story_pages, @stories = paginate :stories, {:per_page => 10, :include
=> ‘user’, :select => ‘timediff(now(), story.created_on) as story_age’}

… to no avail.

I know I can create a method named “age” for the story model that can
retrieve that calculation, but that’s a query for each element, so it’s
very undesirable.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t calculate the “age” inside my Rails
app, check this blog:


If you know of a solution or alternative, I’ll greatly appreciate your

Ivan V.

Iván Vega R. wrote:

@story_pages, @stories = paginate :stories, {:per_page => 10, :include
=> ‘user’, :select => ‘timediff(now(), story.created_on) as story_age’}

… to no avail.

I’m somewhat sure that paginate (and find for that matter) don’t know
what to do with the :select option.

Try using find_by_sql()

Check out this code snippet:
Even better is the updated version in ‘toolmantim’s’ post at the bottom.



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