What would be the correct Ruby on Rails way of doing the following:

I want the user to be able to select from a drop down menu if s/he wants
to pay with VISA, Master card, AMEX, Discovery, PayPal or Bank Wire.

If the user selects VISA, Master card, AMEX or Discovery a div will
SlideDown to get the details. If the user selects PayPal another div
will SlideDown with a link to PayPal. If the user chooses bank Wire a
div will slide down with information (text).

I also want to include an image that will show the logo of selection
(VISA logo, Master card logo) next to the drop down menu.

I am really new to Ruby on rails so I would really appreciate any help,
I been googling but I didn’t find anything helpful.

Best regards,


Hello Pablo,

This sounds to me to be more of a DHTML/ DOM manipulation
problem then something to be solved within rails. I’d
recommend working with onChange events on your drop down,
which would dynamically re-locate elements that you’re
interested in and then make them visible setting = inline, or what ever is appropriate.

Or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to accomplish?