Select not maintaining state on nested form with

I am using nested forms with multiple instances of various of the forms.
problem I cant figure out is how to maintain state for the select
postbacks. I am using ‘options_from_collection_for_select’ and in this
last param is to be the selected value, but given the dynamic nature,
value is going to depend on the iteration of the form builder. If I
force a selected value, it works, so I know this has to be the answer,
as if
I do not use this last param, I get no maintained state.

What also gets me is that if I use a manual array rather than
options_from_collection_for_select, i.e. [ [‘hr’,1], [‘rbi’],2 …],
maintains the state for me… I guess I could at the controller
create this from the model but that is disgusting and counter to why
would be a helper… So open to suggestions. I have also tried
collection_select with no luck.

<%= :statistic_type_id,
options_from_collection_for_select(StatisticType.all, :id, :name,

This is part of the context:

<%= b.fields_for :players do |p| %>
    <%= p.label :player_id %>
    <%= collection_select :p, :player_id, Player.all, :id, 

:include_blank => true %>

     <%= p.fields_for :statistics do |s| %>
            <%= s.label :statistic_id %>
            <%= :statistic_type_id,

options_from_collection_for_select(StatisticType.all, :id, :name,
selected_value_here), :include_blank => true %>
<%= s.text_field :value %>

<% end %>

<% end %>