Select database after login

Hi all,

is it possible to select the database after the user login?
I need something like this:

  1. Login screen where the user types in his username and password
  2. Searching for the username in two databases (which have the same
  3. if username is found in on of the two databases, select this database
    for the whole session

I hope you understand what I mean.

Thanks for your responds!

You may be able to set up an abstract model with two child models in
which each child uses a different database. One way to connect to
different databases is by using the USE_DB gem. Once your user is
logged in, you can set something in their session then somehow direct
them to one database or the other by changing the value of the use_db
call in the model.

Can I ask why you have two identically structured databases with
different data for login? I’m interested in learning about the use

I’m thinking it might be a multi tenant, but with the same initial UI.
That’s one possible use case.

Dheeraj K.