Select box with Onchange

Hi All,

I am new to ruby on rails and i am able to select the value from select
box but after reloading the page the select box selected value is not
selected, please help me…

Thanks in Advance.

This is the code what i am using

<%= select(“rnotes”, “project_vno”, Version.find(:all, :conditions =>
[“project_id = ?”,]).collect { |v| [, ] },
options ={:prompt => “Select Version”,:include_blank =>
“ALL”},><%= select("rnotes{:onchange =>
“window.location=‘rnote?vid=’+this.value” }) %>

and the html display is

Select Version ALL version 1.0 version 1.1 version 1.2

On Jan 12, 2012, at 12:38 AM, NagaJeyanthi N. wrote:

Select Version ALL version 1.0 version 1.1 version 1.2

If you’re posting this to itself, and you expect the select to default,
you’re going to have to name the GET parameter exactly the same as Rails
named the select. Try changing the window.location part to

“window.location=‘rnote?’ + + ‘=’ + this.value”

You may have to fiddle with this a bit, but the basic premise is that if
you name the parameter exactly the same way that Rails would, When you
come back to the form, that select will be defaulted to match.

There is also another trick you could try, and that is the :default
parameter to the select() method. Set that to the value, so in this
case, params[:vid], and see if that does the same thing. Less changes in
your code that way.