Select 1 I18N solution to keep RoR full stack
is exactly what RoR is not supposed to be : something where we have to
select a solution out of 5 differents packages that are mostly doing the
same thing.

I am new to RoR precisely because I am tired of the Perl “There is more
than one way to do it” where you have to study 8 different API each time
you want to do something new.

Will one I18N package be integrated into RoR, and when ?



On 8.5.2007, at 19.43, Benoit wrote:

you want to do something new.

Will one I18N package be integrated into RoR, and when ?

I don’t think any package will be integrated into RoR any time soon.
Why? Because I18N and L10N mean totally different things to different
people. Some people need to create a web app that works with many
different languages. Some just need a solution that works with their
native language other than English. Still l others need support for
time zones and currencies. I don’t think anything as vague as an i18n
library should be integrated into core Rails and I’m pretty sure the
core people are even stronger behind that opinion than me.

Don’t let the “full stack” term trick you into thinking that Rails is
a turn-key solution. It aims to be exactly the opposite. It doesn’t
include user management or authentication – for exactly the same
reasons – either, even though they are a much tighter subject then

That said, I don’t think there are really that many options for
specific needs, even though the page you mention might not convey
that. The most popular options have mostly different targets (even
though they might overlap somewhat), and it pays to read their home
pages for closer info (there’s not that many of them, either). And
there’s always this list where you can come and ask for suggestions
for your exact needs.


Jarkko L.