Segmentation fault in mysql.rb

I am experiencing a crash in mysql.rb when using the Solr plugin to
rebuild_solr_index. Eventually, although it occurs with varying
numbers of records, I see a segmentation fault at line 1093 (or line
1095) in ActiveRecord mysql.rb. In general, the segmentation faults
occur at code where a read is receiving data from MySQL.

I doubt this is related to Solr, but seems to be exacerbated or made
plain because acts_as_solr is reading every record in the database
table, along with two fields from two other tables that I include as
facets. Thus, every record translates to three SELECT statements to
get all of the fields I keep in the index. I am wondering if I am just
running out of memory and the rate of failure being intermittent is
related to memory allocation vagaries.

I am open to suggestions – how do I track down why this is occurring?
Anything relevant come to mind, anecdotal or otherwise?

I should mention this is on Leopard, running Rails 2.0.2, and MySQL 5.
The machine is a dual G5.