Seeking some guidance with net/http

Heya, I am attempting to write a script that lets me login to my Youtube
account to gather frequent data for the videos I have uploaded, I am
stumbling over the Youtube login procedure which seems to involve both
cookies and session info. I am able to get this login procedure to work
with Perl and LWP::UserAgent but so far using net/http and Ruby I am

Here is the code I have been playing with which involves first a POST
form submission to youtube’s /login script, then the code to follow the
redirection back to the /index page – but looking at the contents
returned from /index it appears youtube doesn’t recognize me as being
logged in:

Note: I have added a bunch of puts statements to help debug, leaving

them here for this post
require ‘net/http’

http = ‘’, 80 )
path = ‘/login’
agent = ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20060111 Firefox/’

data =

headers = {
‘Referer’ => ‘’,
‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’,
‘User-Agent’ => agent

resp, data = path, data, headers )
cookie = resp.response[‘set-cookie’]

if ( resp.code =~ /^3/ )
puts "Got Redirect: " + resp[‘location’]

next_loc = resp[‘location’]

puts ‘Logging In to Set Cookies:’
puts ‘Code=’ + resp.code
puts ‘Mesg=’ + resp.message
puts ‘Cookie=’ + cookie
puts ‘Next Location=’ + next_loc
puts ‘Data=’ + data

headers = {
‘Cookie’ => cookie,
‘User-Agent’ => agent

resp, data = http.get( next_loc, headers )

puts ‘(should be) Logged In:’
puts ‘Code=’ + resp.code
puts ‘Mesg=’ + resp.message
puts ‘Data=’ + data

I am unsure what part I am missing which youtube apparently needs to
complete its login procedure, I would greatly appreciate any helpful


You may want to check out:

at least see how they manage the authentication aspect.


Try this:

Hiya Shawn, I did have a look at youtube-g, have the README file open as
I type this in fact but I don’t see anything related to authenticating
an actual Youtube account, the lib is more for accessing the functions
that Youtube makes available with just guest access as far as I can
tell… :frowning:


Dan D. wrote:

Try this:

Dan, like the youtube-g lib this one also provides no means for
authenticating a Youtube account. Though this does provide some
interesting options that can help me in some respects, it doesn’t
provide me with the same functionality that I can have as if I were
actually logged into the website, which I am trying to emulate.


This worked for me:

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘mechanize’

user = “user_here”
pw = “password_here”
agent =
page = ‘’,
page = agent.get ‘

this returns true, showing you are logged in

p page.body.to_s.include?("/user/#{user}")

Shawn, I had not heard of the mechanize lib, but sure enough it works
great. Thank you for posting that, much appreciated!


Andrew C. wrote:

Shawn, I had not heard of the mechanize lib, but sure enough it works
great. Thank you for posting that, much appreciated!


perl has mechanize too.

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