Seeking Ruby on Rails Co-worker in Boston. jobs!


This is basically a job posting seeking interested developers in the
Boston area to work full time at my company.

If you look at the job description, you’ll see no mention of Ruby on

However I assure you, if you work here, we’re gonna have a frickin’ RoR

So uhh, send me your resume so I get the referral $bling$

Or, if you’re into the whole “discussion forum” type thing, I’d be
interested to hear your thoughts on subverting/converting a Java/J2EE
shop into a Ruby on Rails shop.


Hi Jacob,

I saw your post on Rails-talk. Here is my resume. I live in te Boston
area (Framingham).
My mother’s maiden name is Burkhardt by the way.

11 Weld Street #20
Framingham, Massachusetts 01702
email: [email protected]

Objective: Challenging software development opportunity.

Languages: Ruby on Rails/AJAX, C/C++, Java, Perl, SQL, Netezza SQL,
HTML, XML, CGI, VBA, JavaScript

Hardware platforms: Sun SPARCstation, IBM-PC

Operating systems: UNIX, Windows, AIX, LINUX, MS-DOS, SUN OS, SOLARIS


Independent Business Project. 5/06 - present Working to build object
oriented shopping cart system As well as sophisticated SQL based
criteria matching system to implement job bank or online dating service
based on Ruby on Rails. Have been seeking potential business partners
for these projects. Also Rails/AJAX work done on site for admins to upload/delete gallery images, create
thumbnails, and for admins to create content using tinyMCE javascript
content editor.

Epsilon. Wakefield Massachussetts. Software Engineer: 12/96 -4/06.
Wrote and designed complex automated testing strategies using Perl
functions, and object oriented Perl. Used CPAN perl components. Built
parser for data dictionary conversions using Parse::RecDescent
Automated SQL tasks through Perl DBI. Wrote Excell spreadsheet macros
in VBA to automatically generate pivot tables and interfaced via Perl
Win32:OLE. Wrote Perl programs to read Excell spreadsheets and Word
documents as input data. Wrote Perl programs to run large EQL queries
that generated large extracts and then automaticaly moved the data
across several nodes to a linux box overnight. Wrote Perl programs to
fork accross paralell nodes to debug memory leaks and hung processes
which where running on massively paralell network of nodes. Enhance and
maintain EQL, a hierarchical query language for parallel super
computers using C++, yacc, and lex. Enhancements included making
extract files which were created by the query run to conform to the
Epsilon Parallel Infrastructure (EPI) format. Implemented calls to EPI
support routines from EQL, the EQL runtime library, and from the C++
code that the EQL compiler emitted. Developed a parallel file transfer
utility using rogue wave ftp client library. Supported middleware
compiler which translates GUI output into EQL. Troubleshoot and debug
EPI system. Support of various tools, utilities, and applications built
to run on EPI. Implemented optimizations for buffering records so that
unique identifier is assigned to each record across parallel nodes.
Java XML parser support. Java conversion program using JJTree to
convert epsilon middleware language to Netezza SQL. A few small side
projects using HTML and CGI.

Vipah Interactive. (formerly Media Magic). Wellesley Massachusetts.
Contractual Software Engineer: 6/96 - 11/96. Designed and implemented
educational software in C using Borland C++. Integrated animations,
graphics, windows dialogs, and sound using the Miles Sound System.
Participated in development of in-house tools for building display
lists of images and animations. Integrated artwork into display lists
for hit detection. Developed a scripting language and interpreter to
run demos for potential customers and for implementation of future

Brite Voice Systems, Inc. Canton Massachusetts Contractual Software
Engineer: 5/95 - 3/96. Develop telephony object oriented modules for
voice messaging system on a Sun SPARCstation to be eventually burned
into EPROMS and run on the real-time unix operating system VxWorks.
Object oriented modules were hardware and application gate interfaces.
Implemented a phone line gate, application gate, and speech recognizer
gate. Each object module had an instance for each allocated phone line,
with a state table such that each line had a state to resolve race
conditions and insure system integrity.

CyberGraphics Inc. Wakefield Massachusetts.Software Engineer: 9/90 -
3/94. Ported file server code for editorial newspaper software from VAX
to Sun OS. Maintenance support of file server on VAX.

Mitchell Management Systems, Westborough Massachusetts.
Software Engineer: 5/86 - 5/90 Support of project management
application software based on pert chart methods. Reports, input
screens, GUI interfaces, calendar tools, etc.

UMass Lowell: 2006
Graduate Level Computer Science Class – Fall 2006 – fundamentals of
automata, formal languages, and computability theory, turing machines,
time/space complexity, NP-Completeness

Framingham State College: 1986 - 1990
Major: Computer Science - B.S - Graduated 1989
Awards: Dean’s List Spring of 1986 and Fall of 1988
Courses: Compilers, Computer Architecture, Networks, Data base,
Operating systems, Digital Design, Artificial Intelligence, Computer
Languages, Computer organization and assembly language. Wrote a linker
in PDP-11 macro assembly language, a compiler that generated P-Code
using a table driven front end parser, a prolog interpreter in LISP,
and a pyscho-analysis artificial intelligent program in LISP.

Berklee college of music: 1981 - 1982
Music School: 9/81 - 5/82 Courses in ear training, jazz harmony and
theory, arranging, music appreciation, sight reading, as well as
private lessons.


By the way I typicaly use [email protected] rather than this email.


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