Seeking resources to help do external image preview (scraping) like FB and subsequent full-size imag


Non-technical founder doing some research to try and help point my
developer in the right direction.

Seeking resources or guidance to help generate an image preview from a
link, similar to the one used in Facebook’s UI, and then subsequently
also allow a user to display / grab the full size image of the preview
as well. Not looking to necessarily create a bookmarklet a la or the like, but interested in figuring out a way whereby a
user can enter a link, select the image they want on the page they’ve
linked to, and then have that image added to a post or submission to a
web page.

Any help, guidance, or anything would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!

web page.

Any help, guidance, or anything would be greatly appreciated!!

Maybe… I did a project using alexa thumbnail service, but looks like
that got shut down. One article pointed to the above as a replacement.
I’ve never used it though…

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 2:48 AM, Philip H. [email protected]

web page.

you can do this using a simple ajax process.

submit the link via ajax then in the controller, get the html page
the HTTP::Net library or use a gem like httparty. Parse the page with
nokogiri and save all the images in an array. Use the array to show the
user the images found on that link.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks a ton for your response. Passed the information along…much
appreciated. Think right now just trying to wrestle with how to work
with different images with different aspect ratios coming from a wide
range of sites!



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