Seeking a rails 3 cucumber rspec example project


I was hoping that someone may point me to a github public repo that is a
rails 3, outside in designed project with cucumber and Rspec. I read
Rspec book, though found it too brief and just surfing Github I only
gems and rails 2 projects. I guess one thing that I don’t understand
well is the role of unit testing. The feeling I get is pure BDD doesn’t
test any implementation details so no unit tests? Some projects that I
show Rspec as unit tests (testing implementation and not behavior).

Thanks in advance.

A lot of people aren’t aware that Google has a built in codesearch API.
The only reason why I know about it is because I built a Ruby search
engine awhile back.

Go visit this URL here:

Type in cucumber in search, select Ruby from the language drop down, and
click search code.

Find a solid example, right-click and open it in a new tab, and at the
top of the screen it will tell you on the left hand side the repository
or location of the code.

You can limit your searches by looking for specific packages, and even
by using regex!

Hope it helps.

That certainly is cool to know. Thank you.