Seek recommendations for sortable, paginating table that accepts 'delete' selection


I’ve been happily using the tablesorter plugin with pagination for
jQuery in my rails app, but now I’m having a tough time integrating
Railsian behavior like checkboxes that result in the deletion of data
presented in table rows, etc. (behavior adapted from Ryan B.’
Railscast ‘#254 - Edit Multiple’.)

Any recommendations?


On Aug 20, 11:32 pm, Lille [email protected] wrote:


I dont know much about the sortable table plug-in but have addressed
the issue of bulk editing by adding a check_box_tag to each table row
which generates the items id. Then underneath the pagination I have an
empty form with a path to the edit multiple action and a submit
button. Elsewhere I have a batch edit button, I have then written a
jquery function which 1) hides the empty form at the bottom on load.
2) upon selection of any of the table row check boxes and the clicking
of the batch edit button, clones the id’s of any selected checkboxes
into the form at the bottom and then submits the form. This was for a
backend so I was not so concerned that the javascript didnt degrade
gracefully. But it was the easiest way to have multiple forms on a
page in an “index”/table type structure.

Hope this is helpful.