Security exception in signed jar


I have created a jruby application and packed it into a single jar file

  1. Unpacking jruby-complete.jar
  2. Deleting the MANIFEST from 1
  3. Adding my classes
  4. Rejaring and not signing the jar

This works great.

Signing the jar in 4 causes trouble.

When I run the signed jar from the terminal, three security exceptions
are raised for the following classes:

  1. json.ext.Parser$s$0$1$newInstance
  2. org.jruby.ext.openssl.PKey$i$2$0$sign
  3. Same as 2

In all cases the exception is ‘signer information does not match signer
information for other classes in the same package’.

I take a look in the signing file and cannot find the above classes
listed in there.

Help appreciated.