Securing my database with user session data

I have a few forms that adds information to a database, and one of the
fields is “user_id” This field relates the stored information (in this
case a “route”) with the user who entered it.

I have a few questions.

First, is the controller the best place to set the user_id? Right now I
am using,
@route =
@route.user_id = session[:user].id

Should this go in the model instead?

I tried this but I get an error for using session[:user].id: “undefined
local variable or method `session’ for #”

Also, is there a check I can put in the model to make sure that no entry
is edited with a user id different than the current user.

Something like
def validate
errors.add(:user_id, “This is not your route!”) unless :user_id ==

But I still get the error “undefined local variable or method `session’
for #”

Thanks in advance,

You can’t easily access the current user from a model – it breaks MVC
as the Model should not have any knowledge of the current user. It can
be done, I believe – search these forums for something like ‘session
user model’ and you should find quite a few posts relating to it (I
remember reading stuff a while ago).

So the answer is it should go into the controller. The simplest away to
ensure that the user can only edit their own items is to do:
current_user.items.find(params[:id]) for example, which will through an
error if it doesn’t belong to current_user (assuming your auth model
sets a current_user, otherwise


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