Secure ruby scripts for users

I am using Linux,

Looking for input on the best way to have my scripts so users can use
the programs but not read the code (if that’s possible).

Now the users are not that hot on PC’s so my aim is to use Linux…

  • This will put them out of their comfort zone - less risk of
  • Being less prone to viruses.
  • Stop or reduce risk of them damaging the OS etc.

the users login access is associated to users.
user group account is linked to /opt/bars (this is where I’ve put my

To install the gems and scripts I’ve logged in under another account
with sudo access rights.

Installed gems using sudo altered the my script files to be …
user = root
group = users
scripts are executable

To run the scripts the user clicks on an icon on the desktop and this
then starts the fxruby scripts I’ve written.

Now my problem currently is I cannot get the scripts to run via the

error I get implies it cannot be found - all the scripts are in

Can anyone suggest how I should go about doing this?
I want it to be easy to to install (even if I have to do everything by