Sebastian Koslowski as the new GRC submaintainer

With the increased interest in the GNU Radio ecosystem we’ve been
seeing over the past few years, the project is growing nicely and
development work, including external contributions, has become a
bigger part of the our work load. To help us keep up with the growing
project and increased demands on our time as project maintainers,
Johnathan, Martin, and I would like to grow the direct community
working on the code. We are therefore introducing the concept of
sub-maintainers for different aspects of the project maintainership.
The sub-maintainers will act as the direct point of contact for bugs
and new features to their respective domains. The sub-maintainers will
then test, provide feedback, and handle the other intermediate stages
before the work is ready to hand off to myself and Johnathan for final
review and inclusion into the code.

We wanted to officially announce that Sebastian Koslowski has accepted
the role of GRC sub-maintainer. He has already been working as the
lead of the GRC Working Group that was established at GRCon13. This
role change establishes him as the focal point for GRC development and
bug fixes.

We’d really like to thank Sebastian for his contributions and taking
on the added responsibilities of this role. As we believe this will
help streamline operations and work on the code base, we are hoping to
continue to evolve this idea for other aspects of GNU Radio.

Tom, Johnathan, and Martin

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