Searchlogic form question

I am a newbie so bear with me:)
I have created an app at where
users can search for grants by certain criteria. I need help on a few

  1. When I bring up the index, can I only have the search form, without
    the list? In other words, by hitting submit I then get the list below?

  2. The search form: I need a drop down of countries and years. For
    Program Areas, I would like to add icons for each and be able to
    select one or more (like a radio buttion)***I am able to create
    dropdowns, but they do render anything when selected.

  3. In keyword search, have in the box “Enter exact word or phrase” as

There are more, but if I can get this nailed down, my life would be

Thanks in advance for the help. I am just getting started (took my
first training in November) and am excited to learn more!


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