Searching for Rails coach

I am a Junior Rails Developer. I am searching for someone to coach me
over Skype on a project I am working on.

We will be working with relatively simple tasks and sometimes with
simple Javascript, jQuery, AJAX requests and implementations. We will be
using teamviewer and Skype. Coach must be fluent in English or Greek.

I am expecting to have 2 to 4 hours of coaching per week max. Nothing
big really, just if you are interested to help me out. My last coach is
busy and if you are the right one for me, (and I am for you), we can be
working together for at least the next three months.

The way that we will be working is: I will be showing you the
implementations I am stuck on and will be making them work together.
During the session I will be expecting you to be commenting on how you
make things work.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] if you are interested or
have any questions.

If you are interested please include your rate per hour and any other
information that can make me understand if you are suitable to coach me
(like if you done this before, how much experience you have, etc).