Searching/Comparison of CSV then importing into database

Hello all,
I’m a newbie to Ruby. I’m really a PHP guy with around 2 weeks
(department mandated) of Ruby experience.

Production Platform: Windows 2003
Ruby version: 1.8.6

My project consists of reading one CSV and importing it into a DB.
Before the import, I must compare each record of the CSV with each
record of the DB and check for similar or duplicate records.

I’m finished reading the CSV with FasterCSV and I also have the import
to the database finished as well.

I’m looking for a Ruby extension that will do some string comparison. I
tried an extension called “amatch” and Windows is barking at the gem

Any help, tips or helpful advice is appreciated.



I would repost your question with the title: “gem install problem ->
amatch gem”.

Include your system and the output of:

$gem environment

Also post the install command you used and the complete text of the
error message.

…also, this is of no help:

I’m looking for a Ruby extension that will do some string comparison.

You can do string comparisons with ruby itself. On the other hand, if
you know that amatch provides some special features that you need, then
ok, your problem is a gem install problem.

If you want some help with doing some string comparisons in ruby, then
provide some examples of what you want to do. Someone will be able to
come up with something.

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